Flamingo Class

Welcome to Flamingo Class.

Our teachers are:                                                                                      

Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Straw, Mrs Tucker and Mrs Belcher.

Mrs Mitchell loves teaching us to read and write and Mrs Straw is fantastic at art.  You might see some of her drawings around the school building.                                      



We enjoy guided reading, literacy and maths during the week.  We have P.E on a Friday, so please remember your kits. We also learn a lot through our topic and ICT sessions. 


We have lots of fun learning in the Flamingo class and our new topic is;

                                    'Yo, Ho, Ho!
We will be learning all about pirates! We will explore what makes a good pirate, where a pirate might hide their treasure and talk about the type of pirates we would like to be!


We will also further our historical understanding when we learn about the famous sea farer Grace Darling and will be using our artistic skills to design and make our own treasure maps!




We are lucky to be able to visit the local library on a Wednesday morning and are always happy to have parent helpers to support the walk to the library. When we are there we get to listen to a story and choose our own book to take home. 

We are always happy to help if you have any questions.          

Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Straw.