Hummingbird Class


Miss Bingley, Miss Beare & Miss Tempest        

Welcome you to Hummingbird Class!              


Miss Bingley is our class teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays. She is a brilliant artist and loves doing arts and crafts activities!

Miss Beare is our class teacher on Thursdays and Fridays. She likes reading stories and teaching us exciting phonics games!

On Wednesdays ,Miss Bingley and Miss Beare teach together, which is always lots of fun!

Miss Tempest is our lovely teaching assistant who works in Hummingbird class everyday.  She is kind and caring and helps us with our work.


We have lots of fun learning in the Hummingbird class and our new topic is;
                                          'Yo, Ho, Ho!
We will be learning all about pirates! We will explore what makes a good pirate, where a pirate might hide their treasure and talk about the type of pirates we would like to be!


We will also further our historical understanding when we learn about the famous sea farer Grace Darling and will be using our artistic skills to design and make our own treasure maps!



 Don't forget that:


Please help Hummingbirds to learn their spellings and to look out for phonic sounds when they are reading ANY story book!!

Why not try playing a learning game on the internet Hummingbirds!