Kingfisher Class

 Welcome to Kingfisher Class!    



Our teacher is Mrs Moore. She is very kind and helpful and loves reading stories and singing songs. 

Our teaching assistant is Miss Aldred. She is very fun and friendly and enjoys helping us.  

Miss Brown also works in Kingfisher class. She is very friendly and enjoys making us laugh!


Spring Term - How does your garden grow?

Our new topic is an exciting opportunity to explore the world around us. We will be planting and observing sunflowers and learning about what they need to grow. We will also be looking for signs of spring by exploring changes we notice to our environment. We will be learning how to care for living things by exploring the life cycle of a tadpole – there may also be some special visitors that hatch from eggs! Our topic will lead us to the beginning of Easter when we will learn the Easter Story and enjoy an Easter bonnet parade!

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PE Days:

In Kingfisher class we have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Please can you bring in your childs PE kit by Tuesday 19th September. 

Parent Notice:

Please make sure your child brings in a book bag and coat every day.


We are so proud of how well your children have settled into school already and we have been having lots of fun getting to know them!


Our topic:

At the beginning of this half term we started with a fun filled Halloween week. Our classroom was transformed into a Halloween cave, which excited us to learn more. We made some Halloween food, where we made banana ghosts, satsuma pumpkins and Halloween potions.


The following week we were looking at fireworks to see what colours and shapes they made and what sounds we could hear! We used crayons and watered down paint to create our own firework picture, which we labelled using describing words. We used different coloured marshmallows to make rockets, we counted how many marshmallows we had on our stick.   

Monster Madness!

An egg appeared! In Kingfisher class we had a green and red spotty egg appear in our classroom. We discussed where the egg may have come from and what could be inside? We all drew a picture of what animal or creature we thought may be inside and used our sounds to write the animals name underneath.

The egg has hatched! We looked through the school’s CCTV pictures to discover that an orange and green monster had hatched from the egg! It messed up our classroom and left slime footprints over the tables and floor. We are trying to find out where our monster has gone and if we can get him to come back! In art we having been using straws and paint to make blow monsters, then we added lots of googly eyes.




Wow! We loved our Superhero topic this half term in Kingfisher class... In the first week we discovered that the evil pea had captured our Kingfisher and we had to become Superheroes to save him. We had lots of fun using different instruments to try and free the Kingfisher from the tape he had been captured with... The amazing Superheroes Rhian and Belle saved the day and saved our Kingfisher. 

We enjoyed lots of finding out and exploring opportunities throughout this topic from; vegetable tasting, making our own Supertato, designing a Superhero costume and mask, to dressing up as our favourite Superhero on the last day of term. 

In Literacy we have been making WANTED posters to capture the evil pea and writing about our favourite Superhero. In Maths we enjoyed ordering different vegetables from the longest to the shortest and using positional language to describe where we had put our Superheroes. 

Please call back soon to look at our photos of our fantastic learning and Superhero day!

Please visit our webpage again soon for more exciting news about our learning. 

Infant Voices Music Festival

On Monday 19th February, Kingfisher class took part in the Portsmouth Music Festival alongside year 2 Peacock class. As a class we performed two of our own songs to the judges and other two schools who attended the event. We all sang beautifully with lots of actions and smiles. Everyone enjoyed our songs and we received lovely comments and feedback. For the rest of the afternoon we rehearsed the set songs which the year 2's will be performing at the Kings Theatre alongside other schools within Portsmouth.
As a class we had a wonderful afternoon with lots of singing. Below is the link to see the photos which were taken by The Portsmouth Music Hub if you would like to take a look at how much fun we had!