Goldfinch Class

 Welcome to Goldfinch Class!



Our teacher is Miss Cresswell. She is fun and friendly. She likes to paint pictures and do dancing with us.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Williams. She is  kind and helpful.  She likes doing arts and crafts with us.

PE Days: In Goldfinch Class we have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Please make sure your child has a PE kit that stays in school.

Parent Notice: Please make sure your child brings a book bag to school and a coat when needed. 

Spring 2:

Our LearningOur topics this half term are 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' and 'Spring Chicken.'

Important dates for your diary:

Please check newsletters and letters for information.

Thursday 22nd February (Africa Day) Come to school dressed up and enjoy some African activities.

Thursday 1st March (World Book Day) Come to school dressed as a character from your favourite  book.




Spring Term - How does your garden grow?

Our new topic is an exciting opportunity to explore the world around us. We will be planting and observing sunflowers and learning about what they need to grow. We will also be looking for signs of spring by exploring changes we notice to our environment. We will be learning how to care for living things by exploring the life cycle of a tadpole – there may also be some special visitors that hatch from eggs! Our topic will lead us to the beginning of Easter when we will learn the Easter Story and enjoy an Easter bonnet parade!

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Spring 1:


The Goldfinches had a very exciting half term with our 'Superhero' topic. At the start of the half term we came to school to discover the evil pea had tied up our Goldfinch. We managed to rescue the class bird thanks to Codirae! We made rescue plans and wanted posters and  finally we caught that evil pea! We had fun with our activities during this topic; making repeating pattern superhero kebabs, making masks, going on a superhero hunt, being healthy heroes, acting out our own superhero stories and much more! We ended the topic with a superhero day where we all appeared at school dressed as superheroes. We went on a walk around the local area looking for villains and superheroes, acted in our own superhero movie and completed some superhero training in the hall.


Autumn 2:

The Goldfinches have had a very busy start to this half term. We had a halloween week where we made paper plate pumpkins, made potions, dressed up in the role play and explored pumpkins. We ended the week by making banana ghosts and satsuma pumpkins. We had a fireworks week where we created firework artwork and labelled them, made a countdown on a rocket. We ended the week by making marshmallow rockets. 


Warning!!! On the 13th November, the Goldfinches discovered a strange looking egg in the classroom. We watched it very closely to see if any cracks appeared or it hatched. We discussed where it had come from, what we thought was inside and how it got there. 

Update!!! On the 20th November we came to school and discovered the egg had hatched open and whatever was inside had made a mess of the classroom. We checked the CCTV and found out it was a monster inside the egg! We could not find the monster so made some missing posters and put warning posters up around school. 

The monster has still not returned even though we made it a monster meal and set traps. It has sent us a letter though saying that it wants to come back to us and that it is a friendly monster. 

Make sure you keep an eye out for this missing monster!