Goldfinch Class

 Welcome to Goldfinch Class!



Our teacher is Miss Cresswell. She is fun and friendly. She likes to paint pictures and do dancing with us.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Williams. She is  kind and helpful.  She likes doing arts and crafts with us.

PE Days: In Goldfinch Class we have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Please make sure your child has a PE kit that stays in school.

Parent Notice: Please make sure your child brings a book bag to school and a hat for the sunny weather. Please put suncream on your child before they come to school on hot days. 

Summer Term - Magic Carpet!

Our summer term topic is Magic Carpet!

At the start of the term we discovered a magic carpet in school. We have had lots of adventures on our magic carpet this half term. We have travelled to Space, Dinosaur World, Under the Sea, India and a real trip to the park. 

Space: When we visited space we learnt about Tim Peake, made clay aliens, wrote descriptions of our aliens and made puffy planets. 



Dinosaur World: When we visited dinosaur world we wrote dinosaur facts, made paper plate dinosaurs and used puppets to tell dinosaur stories in the outside area. 


Under the Sea: When we visited under the sea we looked at real fish. We sketched the fish and some of us were brave enough to hold them, they were smelly! We also made ice boats and did doubles on octopus legs. 

India: When we visited India we celebrated the Holi festival and Raksha Bandhan. We also made coconut burfi and wrote instructions and got to tatse our Indian sweets. During the Holi festival we really enjoyed our colour run where we turned white t shirts very colourful. During Raksha Bandhan we made Rakhi bands for our friends in the classroom. We also designed Mendhi Henna on each other. 


Park: We finished our magic carpet with a trip to the park. We planned our trip and went to the park on Monday afternoon. We had great fun exploring and playing at Stamshaw park. We have enjoyed our time with the magic carpet and will be sad to see it go. 

Thank you for coming to watch our magic carpet assembly, we hope you enjoyed hearing about all the learning we have done. 

Next half term our topic will be Fun at the Farm. More details to follow.