Woodpecker Class

Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

Our teacher is Miss Fancey. She is fun and friendly and loves dancing and reading us stories!

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Overy. She is kind and heplful and always makes us smile. 

Miss Reeves works with us on a Wednesday. She is fun and friendly and loves to play.

PE Days: We have PE on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Please bring a PE kit into school by Tuesday 19th September. 

Parent Notice: Please make sure your child brings a book bag to school and a coat when needed. 


Spring Term - How does your garden grow?

Our new topic is an exciting opportunity to explore the world around us. We will be planting and observing sunflowers and learning about what they need to grow. We will also be looking for signs of spring by exploring changes we notice to our environment. We will be learning how to care for living things by exploring the life cycle of a tadpole – there may also be some special visitors that hatch from eggs! Our topic will lead us to the beginning of Easter when we will learn the Easter Story and enjoy an Easter bonnet parade!

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Woodpecker class thoroughly enjoyed the Monster Madness topic! They displayed fantastic team work when building a trap to capture the monster. The trap worked and we looked after the monster until he returned to his family. We then had a visit from the famous monster, Moz. We had a wonderful week learning his story and making our very own furry, cuddly and kind monster! 

We ended the topic by transforming into hairy and scary monsters for our Monster Ball!

We were so proud of Woodpecker class during their first nativity performance! They worked so hard during rehearsals and it was wonderful to see them perform with such enjoyment! 


Our current topic started with a superhero mission! The Evil Pea captured our Woodpecker and taped him high on a fence outside! We transformed into superheroes and made a rescue plan. We made sticks, nets and ladders and after 3 days of hard work super Lewi, Albie, Omar and Ava rescued our precious bird! The Evil Pea is still on the loose and will no doubt be up to no good... we will report back when we have more news.