Woodpecker Class

Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

Our teacher is Miss Fancey. She is fun and friendly and loves dancing and reading us stories!

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Overy. She is kind and heplful and always makes us smile. 

Miss Reeves works with us on a Wednesday. She is fun and friendly and loves to play.

PE Days: We have PE on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Please bring a PE kit into school by Tuesday 19th September. 

Parent Notice: Please make sure your child brings a book bag to school and a coat when needed. 

We are so proud of how settled your children are at school. They had a wonderful first half term and are continuing to amaze us everyday! Thank you for your support. 

We started this term with a week of spooky Halloween fun. We made banana ghosts, satsuma pumpkins and pumpkin plates! We also made withces potions and wrote which ingredients we were adding.
We then celebrated bonfire night by creating firework artwork and rocketing marshmallow fireworks! 

WARNING! There is a monster on the loose!... An egg appeared in our classroom and one week later it hatched! We checked the cameras and the evidence was clear... a monster had hatched from the egg and made a mess in our classroom! He knocked over the bins, ate our paper and left footprints across the playground!