Curriculum Overview

“Classroom activities encourage a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.” ….. Ofsted Report 2014

At Stamshaw Infant, we believe that children learn with confidence and we endeavour to ignite a passion for learning which lasts a lifetime. Our broad and balanced curriculum is carefully planned to deliver learning in a fun, creative and interesting way in order that we can motivate and inspire all our pupils to follow their dreams and ambitions.

Our curriculum is focused on raising standards and promoting the personal development and well being of learners. The vibrant environment and rich, varied creative curriculum provides many opportunities for pupils to flourish develop and succeed.

Our curriculum is centred round interesting topics such as ‘Storm the Castle’, ‘Superheroes’, London’s Burning’, ‘Minibeasts’, ‘Monsters’ to name but a few! Each topic is personalised to meet the needs and interests of our learners and includes many trips and visitors. We believe in taking the statutory curriculum and making it our own so that it enthuses and motivates children to discover and learn. Promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a thread that runs throughout the curriculum and is a strength in our school. There is a strong promotion of good values, democracy, respect and tolerance which we celebrate through events such as ‘Poppy Week’, charity fundraising and special curricular events.

We believe in taking the statutory, national curriculum and personalising it to meet the needs of all our children. Our Creative Curriculum provides the children with a wealth of rich experiences and all pupils have the opportunity to benefit enormously from curriculum enrichment through highly successful theatre visits, visiting speakers and creatively planned activities.

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