Year 2

Stamshaw Infant School Suggested Home Learning Schedule

Home Learning Activities Week 06/07/2020

Home Learning Activies Week 29/06/2020

Home Learning Activities Week 22/06/2020

Home Learning Activities Week 15/06/2020


Maths WB.8.06.20

Unit Fractions WB.08.06.20

Non-Unit Fractions WB.08.06.20

Activity Cards - Non-Unit Fractions WB.08.06.20

Find a Half WB.08.06.20

Find a Quarter WB.08.06.20

Our Big Home W.B 08.06.20

Our Big Home W.B 01.06.20 

Maths W.B 01.06.20

Monday - 10 times table activity booklet

Tuesday - sharing 1

Tuesday -  sharing 2

Wednesday - divisions as grouping 1

Wednesday - divisions are grouping 2

Thursday - odd and even numbers


If you would like to share the work you have been doing at home or would like to ask your teacher a question, please contact them via the class email below: