Peacock Class

NightingaleWelcome to the Peacock Class Page!Nightingale


Our Teachers in Peacock class:

 Mrs Spicer- Mrs Spicer teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She is very kind and makes us laugh. Mrs Spicer likes reading us stories and telling us about her children.

Mrs Steward- Mrs Steward teaches us on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She is kind and thoughtful and likes doing arty jobs with us. *We are very excited for Mrs Steward as she has left us to start her maternity leave. We wish her the very best of luck* Mrs Tucker will be stepping in to teach us on a Thursday and Friday

Mrs Ingle- Mrs Ingle is kind and caring and helps us with our learning. She particularly enjoys hearing us read.

Mrs Sands- Mrs Sands is kind and thoughtful and support us with our learning. She is always smiling!


  Important Information

Guided reading homework goes home on a Friday and is collected in on the following Wednesday. Medals will be awarded for those children who have managed to complete 25 homeworks across the year!
Super Spellers also go home on a Friday. Please practise your spellings ready for a test the following Friday. You may like to follow 'look, cover, write, check' when you are practising at home.
PE is on a Monday and Swimming on Friday
We are fortunate to have a gym coach teach us on a Monday- Please ensure you have a tshirt, shorts and plimsoles for this session and stud earrings only. 


This half term we are learnig all about the seaside. We will be investigating the animals that make it their home, both on land and under the sea, how the seaside has changed and many other exciting activties!

 We will be visiting Chichester Harbour to observe the wide variety of habitats.

We will be looking for crabs, shrimps and other sea creatures and trying to make

a new home for them.   


This trip will take place on Wednesday 28th June. Please speak to your class if you are able to help with the trip.





As a reward for all the children's hard work this year we are going on a special trip to Go Ape! We will enjoy monkeying around in the trees on the obstacle course before enjoying our packed lunch in the beautiful park.

We will be going on Thursday 6th July. If you are able to help, please speak to your class teacher.