Toucan Class

Miss Bingley , Miss Beare and Mrs Sands

Welcome you to Toucan Class! 

If you would like to contact the class teacher, please email us on -


In Toucan Class we work together as a team and have lots of fun!

The teachers in Toucan Class are...

                                       Miss Bingley   

Miss Bingley teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
She is very creative and loves anything to do with art. She especially likes painting and drawing.

                                       Miss Beare

Miss Beare teaches us on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. She likes reading us exciting stories and playing fun games with us in phonics.

Mrs Sands

Mrs Sands helps us in Toucan Class on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! She is very kind and thoughtful. She helps us with our work if we get stuck or if we hurt ourselves and need first aid.