Peacock Class

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Our Teachers in Peacock class:

 Mrs Spicer- Mrs Spicer teaches us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is very kind and makes us laugh. Mrs Spicer likes reading us stories and telling us about her children, chickens and ducks!

Mrs Malyon- Mrs Malyon teaches us on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She is very friendly and loves teaching us Maths. Mrs Malyon is always smiling and happy to help us.

Mrs Carr- Mrs Carr is our teaching assistant on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She is very kind and helpful and loves to sing!

Mrs Brown- Mrs Brown is our teaching assistant on a Thursday and Friday. She is calm, caring and helps us lots.



  Important Information

We always need volunteers to walk with us to the library! Please let your class teacher know if you can offer your help. Thank you! We leave at 2pm.
Library dates for this half term:
We are still enjoying hearing your children read! Thank you for listening to your child read and completing their Guided Reading Homework. The children are making great progress. Guided Reading is given out on Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. Peacocks are achieving well with their Super Spellers. Thank you for your support in completing these with them each week. These are handed out on Fridays and should be returned on the following Friday each week.
Our PE day is Tuesday and Wednesday
Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school, in order for them to take part safely. Please also check that plimsoles are a good fit and remove earrings.
Reading Books
We have a huge selection of reading books which can be found outside Penguin Classroom. please feel free to select books to read with your child at home, in addition to their reading homework each week.

Our Autumn 2 topic:

                                                             London's Burning!