Woodpecker Class

Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

Our teacher is Miss Fancey. She is fun and friendly and loves dancing and reading us stories!

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Overy. She is kind and heplful and always makes us smile. 

Miss Reeves works with us on a Wednesday. She is fun and friendly and loves to play.

PE Days: We have PE on Tuesday and Friday mornings. 

Parent Notice: Please make sure you apply sun cream on your child before school. A hat and sunglasses may be needed in this hot weather too! 

Summer Term - Magic Carpet!

On a Magic Carpet Ride... 

Woodpecker class have loved exploring and travelling to different places on the magic carpet that appeared in the playground! We have visited Space, Dinosaur World, Under the Sea, India and planned our own real life trip to Stamshaw Park! 

What an exciting time we had in Space! We learnt all about a real astronaut called Tim Peake, some of us would like to be like him when we grow up! We made our own clay aliens and wrote a description about how our alien behaves and where it lives.


Dinosaur World
We are full of dinosaur facts after our journey to Dinosaur World! We wrote our own fact on a dinosaur footprint, made paper plate dinosaurs using paint and rollers and became Palaeontologists as we explored the outside area for dinosaurs, bones and fossils! 

Under the Sea
During our journey Under the Sea we transformed into artists. We created observational drawings of lifeless fish using sketching pencils. They were very smelly and some of us were brave enough to touch them! Our drawings were so creative; we spent lots of time adding tiny detailed fish scales. 


We loved learning about different celebrations and traditions that people celebrate in India. We made and tasted Indian sweets, yum! Our favourite celebration was the Holi Festival. We chased our friends and tagged them on their t-shirts with paint, it was so colourful! 

Stamshaw Park 
We were so lucky to be able to visit our local park on a sunny day. We planned our trip making sure we had everything we needed such as drinks, snacks and yellow jackets to keep us safe on the road. We loved playing with our friends in the park and rolling down the grassy hill! We wrote about our trip after our visit, we are such independent writers now!


Our final topic of the year is 'Fun at the Farm!' Check back soon for more information plus our Summer Newsletter!