Year One Computing


We have been programmers this half term. We started our sequence of lessons by turning our friends into robots and programming them to find the treasure hidden in the playground. We had to use words like, forward, backward, turn left and turn right to program our robots. We enjoyed eating our treasure once our robot had found it!

Once we were able to use the language correctly we then started to programme a counting toy to move around a treasure map and we tried to write the instructions down. We learnt that a list of instructions in the correct order is called an Algorithm!

Finally we were able to use our lovely programmable toys, they are called BeeBots - can you guess why? Once we'd figured out how BeeBot worked we created our own algorithms to move him around the special mats. Unfortunately sometimes our algorithms didn't work how we expected them to, so we had to do something called 'debugging' to work out what the problem was and fix our algorithms.